We provide top quality instruments for every child. With the option to choose the drums, electric guitar, keyboard or vocals, a month of lessons typically costing less than 1 hour of private tuition.


We give every child at iRock the opportunity to put their practice into action by putting on their own concert. We invite all parents to experience what the children have achieved over the term with iRock.

Band Coaches

Our band coaches are experienced musicians who are all DBS certified. With a passion to inspire, they deliver fun and engaging lessons full of educational games and popular songs to learn.

The Sessions

Every week one of our band coaches will lead a 30-minute session during the school day. Each session is fun, educational and exciting. iRock, without doubt, will become the highlight of their week!

The Band

Playing an instrument is fun, but playing in a band makes it that much more exciting! With iRock, your child will build confidence, rock out with their friends and, together, get to choose their very own band name. Why not take a look at some of our fantastic bands here?